Horizon – Equity Fund

Green Ash Horizon Fund

The Horizon fund is a daily liquidity UCITS SICAV fund launched in July 2021. The fund invests in global equities that provide exposure to secular growth themes by investing in the leading companies of the future. It is classified as an ‘Article 8’ fund under the new SFDR regulation from the ESMA. This formalises our commitment to integrate environmental and social considerations into our investment process, and to promote good governance practices in our investee companies, on the behalf of our investors.

Horizon Themes

  • Digital Consumer – eCommerce, digital wallets, decentralised finance, and work/social/recreational activities increasingly moving online; convergence of all digital activity towards a ‘Metaverse’
  • 5G & Edge – multi-year investment cycle in 5G infrastructure investment, and secular growth in bandwidth/connectivity needs due to the Digital Consumer, above, as well as IoT, self-driving cars, smart cities, fourth industrial revolution
  • Data & AI – inexorable growth in data processing and storage demands from shift to the Cloud, machine learning/AI, consumer and enterprise data growth, metadata (data about data), and the Metaverse
  • Longevity & the Genomics – acceleration in development of practical uses for new biotechnologies – gene sequencing, DNA/mRNA therapies, gene editing, bioinformatics
  • Electrification – carbon reduction targets accelerating the renewables build out, which is needed for the huge electricity demand from electric vehicles, green hydrogen production, the electrification of industry and home heating

Theme Weights

Investment Process

Strategy Characteristics

  • Thematic equity fund, flexible allocation
  • Growth orientated strategy aiming to deliver returns in excess of the broad equity market
  • Diversification in themes across sectors and geographies
  • Providing exposure to leading companies that benefit from strong secular trends

Fund Characteristics

  • Daily liquidity
  • Luxembourg UCITS IV regulated fund structure
  • SFDR ‘Article 8’ classification
  • Hedged Share classes in USD, EUR, GBP, AUD
  • Institutional
  • Launch date – 9th July 2021
Fee Structure & Min. Orders
Institutional 0.80% p.a. + 10% performance
fee on returns above
MSCI World TR (M1W0 Index)
Minimum Investment $250k or equivalent

Mega Cap >$200BN, Large Cap $10BN-$200BN, Mid Cap $2-10BN, Small Cap $300MM-$2BN (excludes derivatives)

Portfolio Characteristics

Allocations as of June 2022

Performance History

The following chart shows the historical performance of the strategy in managed account format. The fund launched on the 9th July 2021.

Historical Year Return 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022
Green Ash Horizon Strategy & Fund -12.3% 27.1% 64.9% 15.35% -34.91%


 YTD 2023 Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun YTD
Horizon Fund – USD I Share Class 11.35% -3.40% 3.65% -2.38% 8.59% 5.18% 24.31%
The Green Ash Sustainable Horizon Strategy track record runs from 30-Nov-17 to 08-Jul-21. Fund performance is reported from 09-Jul-21 launch onwards (USD IA: LU2344660977). Strategy Track record based on managed account held at Interactive Brokers Group Inc. Performance calculated using Broadridge Paladyne Risk Management software. Performance has not been independently audited and is for illustrative purposes only. Past performance is no guarantee of current of future returns and you may consequently get back less than you invested. Benchmark used is M1WO Index.

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