Centre - American Select Equity Fund

The Centre American Select Equity Fund is a daily liquidity UCITS fund launched in Nov 2016 and migrated to the Green Ash SICAV in June 2024. The fund invests primarily in North American large capitalisation equities and has become recognised for its strong risk adjusted returns and notable downside risk mitigation. It provides a balance of allocation between blue chip quality and cyclical restructuring stocks with high conviction deep research driven by its Economic Value Added (EVA) investment philosophy. It is classified as an ESG ‘Article 8’ fund under the new SFDR regulation from the ESMA.

The fund is sub-advised by Centre Asset Management in New York and managed within Green Ash Partners LLP in London, UK.

Green Ash Partners is regulated by the FCA.

A Message From The Fund Manager,
James Abate

Dear Investor,

Welcome to the Centre American Select Equity Fund, a North American concentrated core equity strategy offering high conviction equity exposure combined with downside risk mitigation. We are proud that the Centre American Select Fund has received notable industry awards, such as the Refinitiv Lipper – Best US Equity Fund for 3 years (2023) and a 5-star overall rating from Morningstar.

Our investment process is built around a deep focus on bottom-up equity research that seeks to identify the most compelling equity investments from a pool of generally large market capitalization American companies split between Blue Chip Quality and Cyclical Restructuring stocks and varied depending upon the opportunities identified.  The Fund will be pragmatic and dynamic in emphasizing its sector exposures, which are simply a reflection of the depth of bottom-up opportunities.

The process in managing the Centre American Select Equity Fund is to focus bottom‐up on each individual company’s growth outlook and capacity to create shareholder value by utilizing our fundamental stock selection process. We utilize a disciplined, Economic Value Added (EVA) framework to select investments. Our EVA investment philosophy enables us to fully understand and quantify corporate capital allocations, expected rates of return relative to cost of capital, and to ensure that we capture attractive risk premium. This truly active approach provides transparency and discipline, allowing us to be guided by fundamentals and to avoid the influence of irrational market developments or dogmatic themes. As a contributing author to several published books on EVA with certain writings adopted by the CFA Institute candidate study programs, we consider ourselves leaders in advancing and applying this process discipline over several decades.

It is this robust investment process and our industry and market experience that has enabled us to deliver such strong results for our investors, most notably in times of market stress. We are especially proud of our Fund’s drawdown characteristics in times of crisis as this resilience has enabled us to deliver best in class risk adjusted returns for our investors. During the last nine years since the UCITS Fund’s inception, our American Select Fund has outperformed its benchmark in six of the nine years and notably, in all three years when benchmark returns were negative.

For investors looking to learn more, please explore the materials on our website and contact us if we can offer additional information about our firm, our partnership with Green Ash, or to discuss the Fund strategy, our investment outlook and positioning.


James Abate