Green Ash Multi-Asset Strategy and UCITS Fund

The Green Ash Multi Asset strategy has been managed in a segregated account format since January 2012. The Green Ash SICAV - Multi Asset Fund was launched in June and it offers daily liquidity and replicates the Green Ash Multi Asset Strategy.

Investment objective

  • The strategy aims to achieve positive real returns, over a wide variety of market conditions, from a thematic, actively managed, diversified strategy that is unconstrained in terms of its allocation to individual equities, bonds, commodities and currencies

Investment philosophy  

  • We take a macroeconomic, thematic approach to investing, which is regionally agnostic to identify the most attractive investment opportunities in the global, liquid capital markets
  • We look for valuation opportunities and sentiment extremes, investing across global asset classes, countries, sectors and themes

Investment approach

  • Asset class and regional exposure can vary significantly over time on a dynamic basis
  • The strategy has a medium to long-term growth outlook and operates within a moderately aggressive risk profile
  • Positioning is predominantly long only, with the use of shorts to actively manage market risk and protect capital
  • All underlying investments have daily liquidity