In early 2022, we wrote about inflection points in the capabilities of AI, driven by advances in deep learning architectures and the increasing availability of the vast computational resources required to train them (see On The Horizon #3 – Artificial Intelligence). Catalysed by the launch of ChatGPT, generative AI is now going mainstream – we are seeing a paradigm shift in tech equivalent to the launch of the web browser or the iPhone. Large language models are going to be everywhere, embedded in the software we use and the workflows we undertake on a daily basis. More fundamentally, they will change the way we interface with computers and information. Our ‘On the Horizon’ pieces have covered a number of potentially transformational themes in the last couple of years, from Quantum Computing, to the Metaverse and Genomics. Generative AI is distinct from all of them, in that it will affect everything and its inflection point is not years away, it’s right now. Click here to download document.