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Green Ash Global High Yield Strategy and UCITS Fund

The Green Ash Global High Yield Strategy has been managed in a segregated account format since January 2011. The Green Ash Global High Yield UCITS Fund was launched in October 2017 and offers daily liquidity.

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Fund Objectives

  • To invest globally in liquid high yield securities

  • Dynamically adjust exposure to regions and sectors in the search for value

  • Avoid poor risk-reward situations and take advantage of cases of extreme mispricing

  • Preserve capital and achieve solid risk-adjusted returns with a low volatility

  • Size positions appropriately (1-3%) to reduce idiosyncratic risk but allow differentiation vs. highly diversified funds

  • Remain flexible and avoid major benchmark constraints

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Our Research Approach

  • Bottom-up credit and top down macro economic analysis

  • Qualitative in-house analysis on 100+ global credits, combined with dedicated external research from independent providers

  • Detailed credit analysis to maximise returns and avoid defaults at all costs