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Why Invest With Green Ash?

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  • Service - as a boutique manager, our senior partners are directly responsible for each mandate and clients have full access to the investment team

  • Performance - our six year track record demonstrates excellent performance that has been achieved with less risk in duration and credit quality vs. competitor funds and indices

  • Unconstrained - flexibility in terms of regional and sector exposures allows the strategy to focus on the most attractive of credits and avoid areas of risk

  • Market Access - the ability to invest in credits that offer value but may be too small for the large multi-billion AUM funds

  • Crowded Positions - we aim to avoid crowded positions owned via the large credit funds and ETF’s by looking away from indices for attractive credit opportunities

  • Timing - our size and flexible approach allows us to move quickly

  • Access - our UCITS fund offers daily liquidity and our managed accounts can be run from most custodians

  • Active vs. Benchmark - owning approx. 50 positions allows for differentiation vs. index trackers and large benchmark constrained funds

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Genuinely Global

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The strategy invests in many geographies (shown in light green below) in an effort to find the most attractive opportunities