Green Ash SSDC Fund - Key Metrics

Fund Key CharacteristicsESG Sustainable FocusFully ESG integrated fundamental analysisCombination of best in class selection and socially responsible exclusionsGlobal Short Duration CrossoverInvestment Grade & High Yield blendMin 55% Investment GradeMax 45% High YieldLaddered ExposureMin. portfolio rating Baa3/BBB-Min. security rating B3/B-Minimised drawdown riskExtensive bottom-up credit researchc.70 positions, all currency hedgedMaturity Buckets1 Year2 Year3 Year4 Year5 YearUCITS Funds CharacteristicsDaily liquidityLuxembourg UCITS IV regulated fund structureHedged Share classes in EUR, USD, GBP, CHFRetail and InstitutionalUSD 25mm AuMMax. Exposure35%35%35%35%25%Fee Structure & Min. Orders Institutional 0.45% ($100)Retail 0.80% ($10k)CategoryInvestment GradeHigh YieldEmerging MarketNon RatedDurationLegal MaturityNon Base FX (EUR)CashMax. Exposure100%45%25%0%2.5yrs5yrs10%100%